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IMG_0557Award winning advocate, speaker, educator and author, Sheila Radziewicz has faced inequality, fought against institutional discrimination and questions society’s norms. She has stood up against institutional discrimination because she understood the importance of self-advocacy and being the voice of the people. Through an incredibly supportive family she lived life to the fullest and done anything and everything possible.

Sheila Radziewicz is a dedicated and determined advocate with a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice. Her bright personality, ability and determination is apparent in everything that she does. Currently, she is a Disability Advocate at NILP (The Northeast Independent Iiving Program, Inc.) where she provides peer support to persons with disabilities and advocates within systems. As a trainer she has educated criminal justice agencies, civil organizations, and other community members on the effects of domestic violence, violence against people with disabilities, self advocay, self determination, disability awareness and many other topics.

Sheila Master McCorryBorn with a rare congenital birth defect called TAR Syndrome (Thrombocytopenia Absent Radius), Sheila’s medical prognosis was bleak as an infant; expected not to survive and if she did would be dependent on others. Sheila shares the true realities of growing up with a disability; the fake smiles, others feeling the need to force help upon her and how she showed them all she could do it.

Sheila has been awarded the Team Hoyt Rising Star Award from Easter Seals, April 2012 for her determination to break down barriers facing people with disabilities; and a Letter of Commendation, February 2012, for her outstanding contribution to the development and dissemination of Tae Kwon Do. She has been a member of the Regional Board of Easter Seals Massachusetts and been on the Steering Committee for IMPACT: Ability.

Picture 025Sheila is featured in documentaries including: Delightful Sheila, Seoul, South Korea, February 2012, Taekwondo: Unity of Mind, Body, and Life, Seoul, South Korea, November 2011 and Sheila’s Story, National Disability Employment – Easter Seals, October 2011. Author of The Impossible Only Takes a Little Longer: One Woman’s story of Determination, available on Amazon.

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