Sheila’s Story

Sheila’s family support & love is the root of her success

Sheila is a motivational speaker, author and self advocate. She is a woman with a disability who faces far to many injustices in life. Through her life experiences she educates others about leadership, teamwork, self advocacy and the ability to succeed.

Growing up with a disability was not easy. Through her family support Sheila learned to love and accept herself. They protected her from ignorance and cruel behavior when possible. They taught her to stand up for herself and fight against ignorance. Sheila’s family helped her to live in an able-bodied world with a disability. They nurtured her strong, feisty, and determined personality at a young age which has allowed her to become the independent powerful woman Sheila is today.

Shriners Hospital for Children has been an important part of Sheila’s life. They covered all her orthopedic needs as a child. She had check-ups twice a year, multiple surgeries, leg braces, in patient and out patient care for almost 20 years. Even more important Shriners Hospital for Children gave Sheila’s family peace of mind and a supportive and caring environment. They also empowered her to question life without fear.  “Dr. Kruger would stop everything and answer my questions. He ALWAYS made it known to the students at clinic that a patient’s questions came first even if she was only five years old”.

As a child my Dad would ask me, “What are the last four letters of American”?
I would answer, “I CAN!”