Empowerment Series

Create Power Everyday

Sheila knows what it’s like to be teased, bullied and ignored. She was born with a rare congenital disorder called TAR (thrombocytopenia absent radius). As a child, people looked down on her, pitied her and never expected that she would live a full, fulfilling and independent life.

Now, as an adult, Sheila knows how to live positively, stand up for herself and fight against ignorance. She is a survivor with a will to accomplish anything and everything she sets her mind to. Her story is about overcoming adversity despite challenges.

Empowerment Series

The charter programs developed by Find the Fierce focus on living a life free of bullying, supporting young people who are being bullied or supporting individuals who need empowerment and/or a confidence boost in the face of challenge.

Success Power Stand Protection from Bullying

This introductory 90-minute seminar will introduce you to accepting yourself and invite you to open your heart to the success that is awaiting you. This conversation is about etablishing a sense of safety and confident in the world. The next seminar, transitions the conversation to group coaching that allows you to powerfully implement these changes in your life. 90 minute seminar.

The Safety Series*

This synergistic seminar series starts you on your path of self-awareness. You will be given the foundation of skills and tools to create positive life changes. 4 sessions @ 90 minutes.

Powerful Families, Powerful Young People*

Comprehensive transformational coaching and interactive curriculum to improve your relationships. One-on-one time is spent to develop self awareness and reach one’s potential. Engaging conversations and interactive worksheets that will transform the way you see and interact with the world. 15 coaching sessions.

Be Your Own Advocate Stand up & speak out

The ability to speak your needs to the world is important. If you don’t tell your needs to others how else will they know them?  This conversation is about standing up for yourself in the face of adversity. As difficult as it may feel you have the strength inside to stand up and speak out!